Make Me A Genius Program

What is the Make Me A Genius Program?

“We do not need magic to bring a change in the world, we just need to challenge ourselves to be different.” ― Dr Faryal Zehra

Believe in Yourself!

Be different.  Be unique.  You can make a difference!

Little Helpers has accomplished more than 4000 kindness projects

0% Admin fees, No paid employee

More than 90% of our volunteers are children

More than 2,500 children and countless families served by us every week

Quality and Quantity

We have made quality with quantity our habit. It’s not something that we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ― Jane Goodall

Our Objectives and Scope

Through this program we aim to target kids from every school and in particular, we aim to offer a complete package to kids in need, where they receive the correct support for their educational needs as well as other opportunities to help them develop self-confidence and a positive personality. 


Our Mission

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future!” – J.R.R Tolkien

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive.

It doesn't matter whether you are from a privileged background or an individual in need, you can create change in your community!

Our Projects

We believe in spreading kindness with creativity and innovation.

We run projects to induce creativity in life. We involve children in many projects where they learn to give their time to others, notice their surroundings, and bring their creativity into life. Our projects aim to equip our young ones with skills to make them more responsible and beneficial community members.

We offer a wide range of activities. To read more about what we do and our projects, please follow the link Read More.

Together we can make the world a special place!

Little by little, one travels far!” – J.R.R Tolkien

About Little Helpers on the Run

An organisation where more than 90% of volunteers are children

An innovative idea which involves children in the majority of the operations of the organisation

Make Me A Genius program is an initiative of Little Helpers on the Run and it is run through schools. We offer this program to all schools regardless of their socioeconomic status.


Contact us

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Financial Accountability

We believe in maintaining complete financial transparency with all our donors and to the communities we support.

Little Helpers (ABN: 29611715514) is endorsed for receiving Tax Exemption, GST concession, Income Tax Exemption, a Deductible Gift Recipient and has a valid Charitable Fundraising Authority Number (CFN / 24491). 

Address: Po Box 581, Riverstone NSW 2765 AU,            


Little Helpers on the Run (Dr Faryal Zehra) has been named as a finalist for the Mount Druitt Westfield Grant.

To promote our organisations vision and  mission, our exceptional team of young volunteers has come up with a creative idea and together with their elderly friends at St Charbel Care Centre and Casa Mia Aged Care they created this amazing video. 
Each vote counts! Please help us to continue making a difference in vulnerable people's lives by submitting your vote for Little Helpers on the Run.

Finalists for Westfield Grants are determined through a rigorous process. The winners are decided by Community votes.

Where ever you are, you can be part of this amazing initiative by supporting little helpers through clicking on the following link to give us your vote. Please note it will take less than a minute to submit your response. (Link in Bio) 

Every vote matters and we greatly appreciate your support. Thank you.

Special thanks to our lovely elderly 
Nawal, Edmond, Gloria, Asmahan, Rafic, Souad, John, Elias, Antoinette, Salam, Norma, Ben, Patricia, Evon, Ben, Yvonne, Rarlene for participating in creation of this lovely video on such a short notice. 

Many thanks to our nursing home coordinators Dana, Diana and Carlton for their extraordinary efforts and support to our little ones initiatives.

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Our Little Helpers always find creative and innovative ways to connect with their elderly friends. Despite the recent COVID-19 restrictions they were able to connect with their elderly friends using technology. They recorded video messages for their elderly friends and wrote letters.

Our friends at Casa Mia Aged Care are always very pleased with what we do.

They have sent us lovely photos with their kind wishes for our children.

A big thank you to them for their kind words. Our children are very thankful for your appreciation. You are all amazing!

We welcome all kids to write letters or make cards and share then with us via email or post so we can share them with our nursing home friends.


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Every week our Little Helpers run and help conduct several outstanding projects. It’s so special and amazing to get involved in something which you are doing for purely helping others and expecting nothing in return. To learn that life skill at a young age is extraordinary. 

Our little helpers celebrated neighbours week by making handmade cards and packing gifts to distribute in their neighbourhood. This activity is an effort to bring the community together to rebuild that connection that we have lost over time with our neighbours.

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Many Thanks to our elderly and staff  at Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged who put in their efforts and sent their photos and thank you messages.

It’s a rewarding experience for our little ones who are always committed to serve their elderly friends. It keeps them motivated and helps them understand that their kindness is making a huge difference!

We have passed your message to our volunteers.

“A great big Thank You to all the kids at Little Helpers on the Run for their most thoughtful gifts, creativity and well wishes 🎄💖🌟 You brought much love, happiness and smiles to all our residents and staff at the Greek Orthodox Community Home for the Aged 💖 We wish you all Season's Greetings 🎄🎅🤶🎉🎊 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🪅🎇🎆”

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Little Helpers invites you to join us in celebrating Neighbours Week!

An initiative of Little Helpers to bring the community together.

Note: If you are located in area with Covid restrictions please follow regulations according to your local

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Never underestimate yourself! 

Believe in the fact that you can make a difference and you will!

To make a difference you don’t need to be rich or extraordinary,  you just need a caring heart, passion and dedication. 

Our children regularly visit to drop off their cards and treats for their friends at many nursing homes and spread smiles among so many of the elderly.

Many Thanks to Burwood Council for their continued support for our kindness projects for Nursing homes in Burwood LGA. 


Burwood Council
Jesmond Care
Hall & Prior Aged Care
St Ezkiel Monero Nursing Home
St Vincent’s Care Services
The Village by Scalabrini 
Goondee Aged Care 

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"Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple." Dr Suess 

Sometimes we are faced with problems that seem like they don't have an answer, times in which we feel like there is no hope. 

Just know that all you need to do is remain hopeful and optimistic, and that can make even the most complicated issues a little bit easier to solve. 

We must show our compassion, not only to help those in need but to teach kindness and respect to our children. Even the littlest of donations have a significant impact. 

Our children regularly deliver fresh meals to crisis accomodation centre for those fellow community members who are going through hardships due to any reasons.

We are grateful to Himalaya Indian and Pakistani Resturant Liverpool for their continued support for our initiatives.

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Believe in yourself! 
Believe that you can make a difference, and you will!

Make your every day inspiring by caring for others!

One of our initiatives is a breakfast and fresh fruits club that we run for our children at Woodridge State Primary School and Woodridge State High School.

We are incredibly grateful to all the staff, volunteers and donors for their extraordinary support of our initiatives and for helping us make a difference in so many lives.

Feedback from one of our happy recipients: 

“Thank you for your continued support of our students. You are making a difference in their lives. ❤️"

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