Our Projects

We believe in spreading kindness with creativity and innovation.

We run projects to induce creativity in life. We involve children in many projects where they learn to give their time to others, notice their surroundings, and bring their creativity into life. Our projects aim to equip our young ones with skills to make them more responsible and beneficial community members.

We offer a wide range of activities. To read more about what we do and our projects, please follow the link Learn More.

Stay Fit, Be Fit

A unique program for kids by kids! 
We have designed this program to answer many important questions:
Is physical fitness a modifiable risk factor for mental health issues?
Does it impact behaviour and academic performance?

Be Fit is a unique structured program which aims to improve the physical fitness of our young ones. Engaging in a daily routine from a very young age is very crucial for the physical and mental wellbeing of a child. Our idea of improving health literacy, fitness and mental wellbeing is backed up by research. Researchers have reported a clear link between exercise, academic performance and behavioural issues. There is compelling evidence for the positive association between physical fitness and mental wellbeing. A lack of physical fitness is significantly associated with an increased risk of depression, anxiety or both. Active involvement in fitness activities primes the brain for learning and helps the kids with executive functions like sequencing, memory and prioritising which are crucial for success in school and life.

This program is delivered by our volunteer children who conduct these activities under the  supervision of trained and experienced educators and fitness instructors.

As part of this program we also aim to improve health literacy.  Our children have written, under our supervision, more than 150 topics to raise awareness about a variety of health-related issues.

This virtual program is clear evidence of our Little Helpers’ commitment to making a difference in so many lives by their innovative ideas, passion and dedication. We not only run programs to benefit children and the wider community but also to transform kids into selfless individuals. We have involved children in all stages of development of this program. For further information on this program please contact us at:  services@littlehelpersontherun.org.au

Be a Future Artist

Engaging in the arts and creative activities can boost self-confidence, improve mental wellbeing, develop resilience and help in relieving stress. Research has clearly shown links between mental wellbeing and art. 

Our Little Helpers have developed this program to especially support children in low socioeconomic countries. This program is supervised by experienced artists and educators and will allow the kids to learn the basics of art. It will be implemented in the schools of developing countries where there is a  distinct lack of experienced art teachers. 

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." - Steve Jobs.

Breakfast Club

Did you know that there are children who start their school day on an empty stomach?

This project aims to provide school children with a healthy breakfast to address this vital nutritional gap. We aim to achieve this goal by providing healthy breakfast items for families and schools in need. Our sponsors, or children from our organisation, raise funds from home and donate either their money or breakfast products to schools and families in need. We provide breakfast on a weekly basis to over 2,500 children and many school families across 13 schools, add new schools each year. If you are interested in involving your school, please submit an Expression of Interest Form. If you are a donor and would like to support our project, contact us here.

Fresh Fruit Club

Fruit is an important part of a healthy diet and unfortunately are easily overlooked.  For many, they not always accessible or affordable. This project was set up to teach children the importance of good nutrition and incorporating healthy eating into their lives. The aim of this project is to serve children from underprivileged backgrounds a variety of seasonal fruit. We regularly provide fresh fruits on a weekly supply to more than 2,500 children across 13 schools. Every year we add a few new schools. If your school is in need or you are a donor and would like to support our project, please submit an Expression of Interest Form to:  services@littlehelpersontherun.org.au

Educational Gift Donation for Supporting Educational Competitions

We run regular competitions to encourage kids’ participation with fantastic prizes to be won, to connect with other kids and have fun, and thus benefit the community in the long term.

Health Awareness Projects for Schools

This project is about children interacting with doctors, dentists and other medical professionals to learn about how to deal with illness and other medical issues.  Another goal of this project is for kids to become involved in activities which focus on fitness and a healthy lifestyle. If you are a school that would like to access seminars or webinars from doctors, dentists, healthcare workers or fitness trainers, or you are a healthcare worker and would like to support our project, please submit your expression of interest to:  services@littlehelpersontherun.org.au